Your teeth work very hard for you and need to be there for you for your whole life. Unfortunately, teeth are prone to chipping and breaking. This is more likely in heavily filled teeth, decayed teeth, older teeth and teeth in bites with excessive forces.

When a tooth is chipped or broken we are often able to repair and restore that tooth with a filling material. At St Agnes Dental we only use the latest most advanced tooth coloured filling materials. We only use TGA approved materials that have been tested by experts in dental research. We are able to restore your tooth back to its original shape and colour in a single appointment.

The tooth coloured fillings bond the tooth structure and can help prevent cracks and splits from propagating further. In some case where there is significant tooth loss, or where the cracks are deeper and more obvious, a crown may be needed to better protect your tooth.

Restorations can also be used to replace weak and unsightly old black amalgam fillings, improve the shape and colour of your front teeth and strengthen back teeth before they break.

We invest a lot of time ensuring we are up to date in all areas of dentistry to ensure you receive the benefit of the latest advice and treatment.

Please arrange an appointment to discuss your options with one of our dental professionals.

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