A poor smile may affect social relationships, work opportunities and general confidence. A CEREC crown can quickly restore your confidence and bring back your beautiful smile.

Same Day CEREC Crowns

When a tooth becomes decayed, loses a filling, or is cracked and broken, it often requires greater protection than just another filling. All-porcelain crowns cover a single tooth to protect it and restore its shape and function. These crowns required at least two appointments and two weeks turn around. Now, using CEREC, new crowns can be created in one appointment. Not only does this save you time and inconvenience, but it also means you don’t have to wear a temporary crown, no impressions are needed, and you avoid uncomfortable sensitivity between appointments.

CEREC enables us to restore your teeth with dentistry’s finest materials. The ceramic materials we use here at St Agnes Dental are not only the most attractive but are the most compatible with your natural enamel. This is the latest most advanced technology using computer aided design and milling which provides us with the highest level of accuracy and control. The biggest advantage of a CEREC crown is that your restoration can be designed and milled right here in our dental clinic.

Not only do CEREC crowns ultimately strengthen your tooth, but they also provide the highest level of aesthetic and cosmetic results. A CEREC crown can quickly restore your confidence and bring back your beautiful smile.

Whether you want to improve the aesthetics of a tooth, or you have a broken or cracked tooth, we’re sure you’ll find the CEREC tooth crown procedure benefits you in many ways.

We are continually striving to provide you with the latest technology and the best treatment designed just for you. Why not schedule an appointment with one of our dentists at St Agnes Dental to discuss the appropriate treatment for you?

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